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 What do you need?

   for your emerging or mid-size operation?

 • Export consulting to help you reach
   the right markets quickly and reliably?

 • Training in international business protocol

 • Expert assistance with Foreign
   Direct Investment?

   and ways to enhance sustainability

  International Business Development
  Expertise to Expand Trade Opportunities
  for your Business or Municipality

Are you a CEO of an emerging or mid-size manufacturer who wants to expand
into global markets?

Global Markets & Development can help you
quickly start selling your product or service
within the global marketplace.

We help step-by-step, from targeted research and planning, through to commercial contacts and contract negotiations.
GMD will help you develop and execute a business strategy and marketing plan that will achieve a quick payback and attractive return on investment.

How does your business or organization compare to others internationally?

Understand your competitive advantage and
operational best practice.

Many small and medium-sized manufacturers hope to successfully enter new markets but most don’t know how they compare with other suppliers. Reducing energy costs and improving operational efficiencies can dramatically promote sustainability and international competitive advantage. Through its established alliances, GMD can help. 

Need help positioning your city or
municipality in the global marketplace?

Help your city create strong relationships
with other cities and markets.

International and regional city alliances can benefit your community by creating new jobs and stimulating the economic development. GMD can assist you in fostering relationships and linkages between cities where mutual benefits exist.


Establish your business in the United States or Mexico


Enhance your international competitive advantage

Assist your city with international alliances