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 What do you need?

   for your emerging or mid-size operation?

 • Export consulting to help you reach
   the right markets quickly and reliably?

 • Training in international business protocol

 • Expert assistance with Foreign
   Direct Investment?

   and ways to enhance sustainability

 Operations Productivity

Understand Best Practice and Benchmark Your Company
Against Top Performers

Often businesses with international ambitions need help understanding how to be more competitive. They want to know what they are doing well and how best to improve. Strong business performance rarely happens by accident. Understanding global best practice allows your business to benchmark what you are doing. 

It can illuminate areas of competitive advantage and operations improvement. This knowledge can then assist businesses seeking to gain a sustainable and growing presence in international markets.

GMD draws on the important work performed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER). GMD can help you learn about high performing organizations in your industry. We can help you identify benchmarking partners, assessment tools and techniques.

Energy Efficiency Involves Assessment & Training

Reduce Your Energy Costs in Under One Year!

One of the operational priorities that promote business sustainability today is energy efficiency. GMD is committed to helping emerging manufacturers, organizations, and communities achieve efficiencies that will reduce energy consumption and waste. This releases resources that can then be repurposed for growth.

GMD affiliates offer operations assessments, consulting, as well as workshops and training to help you identify and implement energy saving projects that achieve payback within one year!