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 What do you need?

   for your emerging or mid-size operation?

 • Export consulting to help you reach
   the right markets quickly and reliably?

 • Training in international business protocol

 • Expert assistance with Foreign
   Direct Investment?

   and ways to enhance sustainability

 Trade Connections

We understand the value of international trade and how your city can benefit from it

GMD does an analysis of your city’s assets in terms of businesses and capabilities to access foreign markets. We can aid you with the international communication your city needs to foster strong international alliances.

Develop your city with an international presence.
GMD assists with opening communication between cities to create relationship linkages. We can help your city or state establish the connections you will need to bring investment into your communities.

Our hands-on experience can create jobs.
We want to create jobs for your city and have been able to do so for many cities including San Antonio, Texas. GMD helped bring in over $1 billion to the City of San Antonio while working closely with others to develop international business alliances.

Your city could benefit by being a Sister City.
GMD has helped cities develop a relationship that links them together to become sister cities.  The results have been stronger economic and cultural ties between cities on a local or international level that in turn fosters economic development.