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   for your emerging or mid-size operation?

 • Export consulting to help you reach
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   Direct Investment?

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 About Us

Designated experts in economic development and foreign direct investment by the US State Department, GMD has both the expertise and relationships you need to identify and access worthwhile cross-border opportunities. GMD is focused on helping emerging-to-medium sized businesses survive and compete internationally.  GMD also seeks to further the opportunities for smaller manufacturers while stimulating local economies through supporting job creation and product export opportunities.

Over 20 years of International Business Experience
GMD has an international trade advantage having worked and lived in multiple countries assisting manufacturers and municipalities with international business endeavors. Your company can benefit and profit from GMD’s expertise and knowledge of international business development.

Let us be your bridge between countries
Over the years, GMD has acquired numerous international business contacts. Having worked with many international companies, GMD has established strong international relationships and an understanding of cross-cultural business etiquette. GMD can advise your company on the best route into international markets.

We’ll help you find your place in a globalized world
Don’t let competing with large manufacturers in a globalized world seem like an unachievable goal. The benefits of international trade for your company are exponential if you allow us to assist you to understand your competitive advantage and find the most accessible market for your commercial expansion.