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 What do you need?

   for your emerging or mid-size operation?

 • Export consulting to help you reach
   the right markets quickly and reliably?

 • Training in international business protocol

 • Expert assistance with Foreign
   Direct Investment?

   and ways to enhance sustainability

 Planning & Advice

Market Research & Targeting

Choosing a New Market Requires Prior Research & Targeting
If you represent an Australasian, Asian, Mexican or Latin American company or organization interested in investing in the US market, we can help. We have the knowledge, experience, and connections you need to fast track your market entry.

GMD assists your company by finding the most penetrable market for your product or service. We assess a market to see if it is more bureaucratic or entrepreneurial and how that will affect your entry.

Concerned about your ROI? So are we.

Our Global Competitive Analysis, unique to our company, will provide an international trade advantage that helps you find the most profitable target markets as well as guide you to the quickest return on investment. 

We pinpoint the market where your product will be most successful. Extensive research and input from trusted sources goes into the analysis to decide which market will allow the quickest access, highest ROI and the fewest barriers to entry. Your most profitable target markets will be ranked and you will have practical help identifying the opportunities and risks.

If you are focused on accessing the United States, Brazilian, Mexican, or other Latin American markets successfully, you are in the right place. With 20 years of international trade experience we can facilitate your efficient, targeted entry and migration.